Raw is the best training facility I have ever trained at, the support from Mel and her crew is second to none. I trained the whole way through my pregnancy to 35 weeks and have achieved the pictured results in a mere 19 weeks postpartum!! Mel has taken away the stressful contradictions of healthy clean eating and exercise for me, making things simple and achievable and setting realistic goals. I have not only increased my fitness and happiness being a member of Raw but I have also gained new friends along the way. I cant wait to continue my fitness journey with the Raw family!!

Steph Smith

There comes a point in your life when you realise enough is enough and things need to change. This is what happened to me this year. After having 2 previous major back surgeries and suffering years of pain and then breaking my heal bone in Dec 2018 I got to a point where I could not do anything as I was constantly in pain and had no strength or energy to make the changes I needed, but I knew I had to. I was spending hundreds of dollars each month on medication, physio, acupuncture and hydrotherapy and I was seeing little progress in my recovery. I needed to do more to speed it up and get my life back on track. In April I decided to reach out to Mel, I was aware of what Mel could offer to assist with my progression and didn’t hesitate to join Raw training Facility. When I first stepped into the gym I could not lift weights, run, jump, do burpees or many other exercises due to my lack of strength, pain and weakness. I never felt out of place as Mel welcomes everyone of any ability and caters to our needs which you do not find In many other places, and this has made it so much easier for me to enjoy going every day. In the months I have joined Raw I have gained so much and improved my lifestyle immensely. My energy levels are higher, my strength is getting better, I can run, do a burpee or two, I have lost weight and my confidence has skyrocketed. My only regret is not joining sooner, for a long time I thought that I would never be capable of doing half the stuff I am doing now at Raw due to my previous back issues, so to be where I am today I am so happy. I cannot wait to continue my journey of growth at Raw and see what other goals I can kick in the future. Thank you Mel for making exercise fun again.

Corinne Parker

I’m one of those people who has tried every fad diet and piece of exercise equipment that ‘guarantees you the body of your dreams’, so why is it that I found myself still 30-40 kilos overweight and unhappy on the wrong side of 40 years of age? Because they are short term fixes that initially give you results, but are not sustainable and don’t address the real reason for being overweight and unhappy in the first place.

 So when did everything change for me?

July 2015 when I decided to join Raw Energy & Wellness; I had a few messages back and forth with Mel Atarau as I wasn’t 100% sure if it was going to fit in with my work schedule (that old excuse!), Mel quickly called my bluff by suggesting I came to meet her the next day straight from work, therefore not giving me time to think of an excuse as to why that wasn’t possible. So there I was, sitting in my car psyching myself up to walk into a room full of complete strangers who I was sure would all be young, fit, toned, beautiful and would surely judge this ‘overweight older lady who is clearly lacking in any self-confidence’………how wrong I was; the gym floor was full with a mix of age groups and sizes and there was a really good vibe of fun and encouragement amongst the girls working out.

My journey had started…….

Initially I committed to 3 mornings per week at 6am, as I had no excuse to not attend these sessions as my employers were flexible with my work hours and I was quickly finding that I didn’t feel the need to make excuses as I was actually enjoying the sessions; yes they were hard, yes I was out of my comfort zone, but I had support from other people with similar health goals to mine and more importantly, I had the support of Mel…..I wasn’t just another paying member.

Mel took the time to understand why I hadn’t succeeded in my past attempts and also helped me to understand ‘my body type’ and what ‘I needed to do’, it was not just about the food and exercise it was about changing my way of thinking; not only about myself, but others and situations in life.

I have also participated in numerous ‘group challenges’ designed by Mel and open for anyone to participate in; there was never any pressure to do these challenges, however once you’ve done one and have experienced the support from everyone and seen the results, it’s hard to not doing the next one and the next one.

Here I am 14 months along in my journey and I’m still learning, still improving my levels of fitness and my general wellbeing; I exercise 9 times each week and can honestly say I love ‘almost’ every minute of it; I barely recognise the person I’ve become and can honestly say that meeting Mel and becoming a member of Raw Energy and Wellness is the best thing I have ever done.

I have made some lifelong friends and have learnt some lifelong skills too, but more importantly I’ve learnt to love myself and to respect my body and recognise how truly amazing it is and that it’s not our body that limits us, it’s our mind…………..“Dream, Believe, Achieve”

Anita Strickland

At the end of last year, undeniably one of the toughest, emotional and life changing one in my (then) 31 years, I walked into Raw Energy & Wellness scared, depressed and desperate for a change!! I can say, hand on heart I have NEVER looked back!! Some days I feel pride at how far I have come, other times I cry in pure frustration and there was one time where I had to compose myself so I didn’t projectile vomit ….
I have made amazing new friends, gained confidence in myself I never knew I had and said goodbye to the crippling post natal anxiety that was holding me back from being the best mum, wife and friend possible!!

8 week challenge is complete and I’m proud of my results. A lot of self doubt but this puts it all into perspective. Thanks Mel xx

Sharnee Holmes

I have so much fun with these wonderful people, to think it took two years for my friend Chantelle to convince me to join, two years wasted!! I’m now making up for lost time !!! This is what Raw Energy and Wellness has done for this old bird! So happy!

Annie Davis

Wow, I’m actually feeling quite emotional about thinking of what to write. I joined RAW on the 15th of April this year, 2.5 months ago. We moved back to Yanchep 2 weeks prior. Whilst living interstate I often thought about training with Mel, so when we moved I knew exactly where I wanted to go for help. One, two, three children, meant I kept putting everyone else before myself and my weight slowly got heavier. I would feel yucky in clothes and I would buy clothes that weren’t ‘me’ just so I could cover my tummy. My weight was affecting my life in many different ways and I was sick of feeling terrible and sick of making excuses. So I committed. I committed to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. After joining RAW my confidence has come back, I’m getting fitter and stronger, I have more energy because I’m treating my body better! But… the main thing is, it’s made me happier, it’s showing my kids that mum is looking after herself, it’s showing them how to be healthy as well!!! When I’m at my best, I can give my best to everyone else! So I thank you Mel, for your expertise, your kindness, and your passion. I have felt so welcomed from the very start, and I can’t wait to kick some more goals with you!!!! My family thanks you too xo

Sara Fisher

I started at RAW with Mel back in 2013 – 6 weeks after the birth of my first baby. It has hands down been the best decision I’ve made for myself since having my 2 girls.
Mel has been able to cater to my varying fitness levels- post birth & during my second pregnancy – I was able to maintain a level of fitness I never imagined possible.
What started as a journey to get my pre pregnancy fitness & body back turned into much more including a much fitter, stronger version of myself. Mentally & physically.
I’ve met some lifelong friends at RAW over the years. It’s so much more than a gym. It’s a community of trainers & members ready to support you to the next level at every single session. You won’t regret adding RAW into your weekly routine!

Lael Brodie